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Business / Careers, Finance / Wealth Solutions, Real Estate
Question #1 of "101 Reverse Mortgage Questions". This past year I found that most people and professionals have little or no understanding of how a Reverse Mortgage works. There is too much ...
By: Doug Vairo
Total Views: 49220

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Intimacy / Relationships, Spirituality
Love spells for Valentine's Day and beyond. Here's one to use against a hurtful ex. Use caution, magic tends to reciprocate threefold!
By: Fiona Horne
Total Views: 10483

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Health & Healing, Spirituality
Teaches skills that will allow an individual to release past hurts, pains, or whatever is stopping you from being a better you... for yourself and others.
By: Phyllis Wilson
Total Views: 2820

Tags: releasing
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Health & Healing, Intimacy / Relationships, Motivation & Inspiration
Rejection. Even the word itself can send a shiver down your spine. It has probably happened to us all at some point in our life in some shape or form. It may be that you have offered the hand of fri...
By: Kay Elizabeth
Total Views: 3239

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Kraziblood is an individual that is negative and destructive to others and themselves. This indivdual does not care how they hurt anyone!
By: gwendolyn miles
Total Views: 2006

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