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living an learning, that is one major way i like to approch each day of my life, an threw trial an era, ive found what works for me in terms of inner beauty as well as outter beauty, i want to share t...
By: zeeartist
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The past is important because we learn from it. The past helps us navigate through our current choices in order to evolve our soul. We’re in soul school from the minute we hit the ground until we cros...
By: Charlene M. Proctor, Ph.D.
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Brain Power!, Business / Careers, Hobbies
Tips for learning/acquiring new languages skills.
By: Julia Ho
Total Views: 4088

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Health & Healing
Learning about the two separate parts of our mind.
By: Lorraine Lo
Total Views: 2915

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Practice your footwork by learning these 4 basic methods of getting a soccer ball off the ground.
By: Scott Benbow
Total Views: 13126

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