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Health & Healing, Intimacy / Relationships, Motivation & Inspiration
Chakra Balancing, Getting in touch with your Inner Spirit, shows how easy it is, to balance/charge your Chakras. Helping with your daily experiances, and allows us to be in constant prayer charge ...
By: solana
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This video prepares you to select a psychic.
By: Elivia Melody
Total Views: 9490

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How to use discernment in psychic readings.
By: Elivia Melody
Total Views: 7237

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Easy Steps to Develop Your Psychic Abilities.
By: Elivia Melody
Total Views: 6357

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Author & Medium, Linda Pynaker reveals how to channel and recognise your spirit guides. Linda has monthly lectures at Creative Chakra Spa which you sign up through
By: Linda Pynaker
Total Views: 7594

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