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My own concept of career is like a wardrobe, where you “try on” different outfits throughout your lifetime, and continue to check the mirror to see if it still fits and matches your current style and ...
By: Dr. Michelle, The Soul Coach
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Do you loathe looking into the mirror? Do you cringe when taking pictures knowing that photographs capture your aging face? Are you considering drastic measures or have you given up, thinking that y...
By: Cynthia
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Beauty, Fashion
How to tie a tie perfectly without a mirror
By: Tony Perry
Total Views: 4510

Tags: menswear tie
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If you have looked in the mirror only to see the look of old peering back at you, you are not alone…your aging face began developing years before you celebrated your fortieth birthday. Resistance exe...
By: Cynthia
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A misshapen face develops slowly over time. When you're in your 20s, 30s and 40s, your confidence level is high. You look in the mirror with assurance that your appearance is ideal but when that 50t...
By: Cynthia
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