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If common sence was common more people would have it. Sales people make mistakes more out of past experience than out of design to fail. The mistakes made are easy to correct yet hard to notice.
By: The Sidewalk Executive
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Business / Careers, Motivation & Inspiration
Always have a business consultant on the side and avoid "on the spot" decision making. Designer mistakes.
By: Bobi Leonard
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Intimacy / Relationships
Learn the biggest mistakes people make when shaking hands and how to correct these mistakes to make a great first impression.
By: Wendee Mason
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Fitness and Work Out, Hobbies, Motivation & Inspiration
I've always thought that the game of golf can teach us many life lessons. I've listed a few of them below here.
By: Success Television
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There’s no denying it. Breaking up is oh-so hard to do, especially in today’s 24-hour techno-savvy world of Facebook, Twitter, and post-breakup booty calls arranged via sex-ting. If you’re nursing a b...
By: Chief Woohoo Woman
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