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You've decided to start your business but you need help locating new customers. Get useful tips for your first trek into professional and business networking.
By: ednaspeaks
Total Views: 2629

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Voice Over Talent and Coach Susan Berkley (the voice of AT&T and CitiPhone Banking) teaches you how to sound great speaking into a microphone without popping your p's. For anyone who has to use a mic ...
By: Susan Berkley
Total Views: 8573

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Business / Careers, Motivation & Inspiration
Marketing is everyone's problem, not only designers'. Networking can help.
By: Bobi Leonard
Total Views: 2998

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Business / Careers, Showbiz / Entertainment
Strategies to help you take control of your career or project, expand your circle of connection, improve networking skills, and make yourself or project valuable to the people with whom you want to co...
By: Sandra Lord
Total Views: 2884

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Business / Careers, Motivation & Inspiration
How to get clients without sounding like a salesperson
By: Nancy Fox
Total Views: 2791

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