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First lesson in how to basic guitar strumming.
By: Lisa Campbell
Total Views: 7756

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Public speaking with the greatest fear. Learn a trick to speak to a large group and remain calm.
By: Wendee Mason
Total Views: 8169

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Learn how the pros give heartfelt and effective talks without notes.
By: Wendee Mason
Total Views: 6109

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Business / Careers, Intimacy / Relationships, Motivation & Inspiration
Wendee Mason specializes in teaching public speaking skills to executives, and she coaches entrepreneurs selling skills. Mason also is a dating coach to singles over 40. As a woman, Mason helps oth...
By: Wendee Mason
Total Views: 4868

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how to give a presentation or speech without notes. Frank Felberbaum, World Leader in Memory & Brainpower Training and Author of The Business of Memory...Fast-track your career with supercharged brai...
By: Frank Felberbaum
Total Views: 4756

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