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There are seven groups of listeners in any audience. Discover tips to authentically and instantly connect with each of them, gain rapport, and guide them through your presentation. Ideal for anyone wh...
By: Sheryl Roush
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Business / Careers, Finance / Wealth Solutions
Build the capacity of your organization by strengthening your board. Learn strategies for successful board responsibility implementation.
By: Sherita Herring
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Do your kids ignore you? Do you have to say things 3-4 times before they finally listen? You could be unintentionally teaching them to not pay attention to you. Learn 3 things you can do today to le...
By: Sam Horn
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Worldwide minister & author Paul F. Davis who has touched over 50 countries differentiates between God vs. religion; truth vs. tradition; spirituality vs. liturgy; divinity vs. denominationalism. www....
By: Paul F. Davis
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The best organizations create a strong culture of change management. In fact, management at these organizations is constantly encouraging change for the good of the overall organization. The fol...
By: Ed Sykes
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