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Magic/Party Tricks
Here is a simple way to vanish a coin. There will be a follow up with some additional tips for performing. Try it out and have fun!
By: JLondon
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Serious complications from cosmetic surgery procedures have been speculated about for years. The untimely death of Donda West, mother of rap artist Kanye West, who wanted several procedures performed ...
By: Cynthia
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Business / Careers, Finance / Wealth Solutions, Motivation & Inspiration
Are there some tables that you need to overturn in your life? Are you robbing yourself of the life that you could have? So often we get in our own way and we rob ourself of the very dreams that we des...
By: Jason Scott
Total Views: 4648

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Business / Careers
After barely making it through high school I decided to enroll into college. After flunking out of college three times I finally got it right the fourth time. Learn how I graduated number one in my cl...
By: Jason Scott
Total Views: 2879

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Why is it that statistically, women traditionally, earn less than men, even when both are performing the same function? The answer to that question partially resides in the fact that women are less li...
By: Greg Williams
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