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Business / Careers
After barely making it through high school I decided to enroll into college. After flunking out of college three times I finally got it right the fourth time. Learn how I graduated number one in my cl...
By: Jason Scott
Total Views: 2902

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Brain Power!, Business / Careers, Hobbies
Tips for learning/acquiring new languages skills.
By: Julia Ho
Total Views: 4092

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There are seven groups of listeners in any audience. Discover tips to authentically and instantly connect with each of them, gain rapport, and guide them through your presentation. Ideal for anyone wh...
By: Sheryl Roush
Total Views: 5511

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Top Voice Over Artist, Susan Berkley ("Thank You for Using AT&T"), helps you find your vocal "sweet spot," so you can have the strong, resonant voice you've always wanted - and that people listen to!
By: Susan Berkley
Total Views: 3093

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Voice Over Talent and Coach Susan Berkley (the voice of AT&T and CitiPhone Banking) teaches you how to sound more credible by eliminating annoying and distracting non-words from your speech.
By: Susan Berkley
Total Views: 8339

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