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Using basic poker strategy I will teach you how to understand percentages.
By: Thomas Gallagher
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As a startup magazine publisher, one of the most daunting challenges that you will confront will be the procurement of advertising revenue. Like Dracula, who needs a steady supply of blood in order to...
By: Shawn Lindsey
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Using basic blackjack strategy I'll teach you to memorize when you double down with a player total of 10.
By: Thomas Gallagher
Total Views: 7341

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“Do you play blackjack? 95% of all blackjack players do not play perfect blackjack,which is called; Basic Strategy. In this video I'll teach you how to double down when the dealer has 9.
By: Thomas Gallagher
Total Views: 5646

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When we negotiate, most of us have ‘missing links’ in our negotiation armor. Those ‘missing links’ come in the form of insufficient information, a lack of foresight as it relates to the negotiation, o...
By: Greg Williams
Total Views: 3567

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