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Fitness and Work Out, Hobbies
Cost effective weight training strategies by freakin' fitness fanatic Zambo!
By: ramtzu
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Diet and Weight Loss, Fitness and Work Out, Health & Healing
Listen up, ladies! I finally found the perfect form of exercise. Training with kettlebells! I won't be going back to traditional weight training because kettlebells give me quicker results and more ch...
By: Lisa Shaffer
Total Views: 3179

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A unique Russian stretch "hacks" into your "muscle software" and orders your tight back and hamstrings to relax.
By: Pavel Tsatsouline
Total Views: 6725

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Fitness and Work Out
Reverse Curls for the Biceps
By: AskTheTrainer
Total Views: 2469

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Enter the kettlebell with Pavel, a Russian Special Forces instructor who started the kettlebell revolution in the US.
By: Pavel Tsatsouline
Total Views: 3977

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