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Cooking and Nutrition, Health & Healing
Some tidbits on kosher foods.
By: David Jacob
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Worldwide minister & author Paul F. Davis who has touched over 50 countries differentiates between God vs. religion; truth vs. tradition; spirituality vs. liturgy; divinity vs. denominationalism. www....
By: Paul F. Davis
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Many women who exercise regularly say that they wish their faces would match their bodies. After months, even years in the gym their bodies look youthful, sleek with improved posture and tone. Unfor...
By: Cynthia
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Every wish and contrasting experience you've had till now resulted in your desires already being fulfilled, ready and waiting for you. While standing outside the space of the fulfilled desire, you can...
By: Sugandhi Iyer
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As you wish do you feel some relief? Do you feel ASIF the Universe is listening? That's because it is listening and it does fulfill your desires.
By: Sugandhi Iyer
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